Sanity Air was born with the appearance of COVID as a product capable of eliminating the airborne propagation.

Sanity Air purifica el aire que respiras mientras estás en la misma sala
Sanity Air is a system designed and manufactured in Spain to eliminate one of the routes of transmission of COVID-19, the airway, a route from which we cannot distance ourselves or protect ourselves completely, since it surrounds us, we move in it and we breathe it.
logo respira escaparate coronavirus Sanity Air Esteriliza el aire de forma segura

Designed and manufactured in Spain

With highest quality European components.

logo respira escaparate coronavirus Sanity Air Esteriliza el aire de forma segura

Sterilized Air

With the equipment, stickers are delivered to install in visible places, so that your employees and customers know that the air is being sterilized continuously and can stay and feel more comfortable and safe.

Innovation R&D

Attracts impure air

Uses fans to circulate the air of the room towards its interior.

Filters out particles

Sanity Air has two active carbon filters and a cellulose filter to retain the particles in the environment that are so harmful to humans

Kills pathogens with UVC

Ultraviolet light (UVC) removes pathogens from the air circulating in Sanity Air

Obtain clean & sterile air

Sanity Air brings clean and sterile air back into the room thanks to the constant flow of air, while workers, customers and users are in it

Superior technology

Sanity Air is the only solution on the market that allows the air in a room to be sterilised and purified in a harmless way while customers, workers or other users are in it, making it ideal for spaces shared by multiple people.

Sanity Air was created through research into the latest technologies, and is built to the highest quality standards, making it the most efficient on the market. The product is entirely made in Spain with all its components of European origin, constituting the best models in each range of components. The assembly of the product is also carried out in Europe following the highest quality standards and having obtained European certifications of efficacy, effectiveness and harmlessness.

The result is the development of a totally European manufactured product with very high quality components and final result, while maintaining a competitive cost.

Sanity Air purifica el aire que respiras, elimina coronavirus, COVID19, bacterias y otros patógenos, ¡99,97% de eficacia certificada!
Sanity Air the air in the whole room
  • Sterilizes the air you breathe

    Sanity Air is ideal for use in restaurants, cafes, gyms, shops, offices or any place shared by several people and even for food and/or livestock storage spaces.

  • Highest quality components

    Spanish design and manufacture with all European components of the highest quality, all this with competitive cost.

  • Low power consumption

    Our engineers have designed Sanity Air to operate continuously, efficiently and with low consumption (from 35W), allowing continuous use and an incomparable cost-benefit ratio.

  • Certifications

    Sanity Air has a disinfecting efficacy of 99.97% Certified!
    It also complies with all the safety, innocuousness and energy efficiency certifications.
    Check here the certificates we have at your disposal

  • Adaptive and elegant design

    It is designed to minimise its size and has been given a range of colours so that it integrates as well as possible with its surrounding environment. Its Spanish manufacture allows it to be easily personalised and adapted to the use that each space requires, due to its configuration and needs.

  • Harmless to the environment and our health

    The most effective technology against COVID-19 without danger to humans or the environment.

About Us

We are expert manufacturers in the development of systems and products related to innovation, technology and environmental health. Our commitment is to provide solutions in the areas of health, prevention and the environment. Our products are characterized by their sustainable design and alignment with the principles of the circular economy. We have facilities dedicated to the design, manufacture, installation and assembly of equipment, as well as advanced technology and a team of highly qualified technicians to provide solutions to highly complex projects. Sanity Air was created with a focus on customer satisfaction and the design of efficient and safe equipment, providing technological value in the area of environmental health. We address these challenges, promoting environmental sustainability and corporate social responsibility.
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