Breathe Easy with Sanity Air

100% Safe



Energy Savings

In Sanity Air we are benchmarks in air treatment, offering innovative products for disinfection and purification of air in enclosed spaces with 99.97% certified efficiency in the prevention and elimination of pathogens, viruses, bacteria and other harmful particles that may be in the air.

Always using top brand components, 100% recyclable and sustainable to filter and sterilize the air we breathe, committed to the health and safety of users and responsible energy consumption with the environment.

Attracts impure air

Using fans, it circulates the air of the room inwards

Filter particles

Sanity Air features two active carbon filters and a cellulose filter to retain the environmental particles that can be so harmful to people

Exterminate pathogens with UVC

Ultraviolet light (UVC) removes pathogens from air circulating through Sanity Air

Get clean, sterilized air

Sanity Air returns clean, sterilized air to the room thanks to the constant flow of air, while people are in it

Faced with a global pandemic and increasingly polluted air, we have designed a range of air sterilization products that reduces the viral air load by 99.97% thanks to the use of the best components on the market to filter and disinfect and the hard work of a highly qualified and committed team.

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